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BASIX in NSW for Residential Energy Efficiency

BASIX or Building Sustainability Index, is a planning initiative of the New South Wales Government that requires all new dwellings to be designed and built to achieve a 40% reduction in water consumption and in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the average pre BASIX dwelling.

Basix was introduced in 2004 and applied only to New Single dwellings,Dual Occupancies,Hostels,Guest houses etc. under 300 sqm only and extended to apply larger building areas in 2005. It also then incorporated Multi-dwelling buildings and later in 2006,alteration/addition to dwellings were included.

Thermal Comfort section of Basix defines Heating & Cooling Load CAPS for each Climate Zone. The Loads can be calculated by use of approved Nathers Software simulation. There is also and quick option of compliance for single dwellings (DTS Thermal comfort tool).

A well done Basix Certificate by a professional at DA stage can reduce construction costs at later stage. At Energia Designs, We have extensive expertise in Basix certification and can provide you with Basix Certificates for any kind of Residential development.